How do you grow?

I believe in everything that is good and wholesome. When it comes to Cannabis, that means sun-grown, organic, along with the rhythms of the cosmos. 

When we grow plants using biodynamic principles, it leads to improved soil, improved plant material, and improved yield. This is regenerative farming at its core.

About me

I am Natie Ferreira. As the grandson of a vegetable farmer, I have been gardening and growing food my whole life, with a career that has spanned the horticulture, landscaping and agriculture industries since 2000. My ability to deep-dive into rabbit-holes in my interest fields has led me down the paths of biohacking, healthy living, biodynamics, permaculture, and more specifically Cannabis in all its forms.

While I don’t always agree with those who call me a “master grower”, I do admit to having a natural ability to grow good Cannabis. The many wonders of this plant should never be limited to recreation and medicine alone. Think fresh produce, fodder for livestock, building material, textiles, phytoremediation of contaminated sites, biomass for energy, and more.

I am involved in the Cannabis-related industries of retail, analytics, food, medicine, processing technology, agriculture, indigenous knowledge systems, tourism, genetics, and through this brand, also media.

Welcome to tamatie, where I share what I have learned over the years.


I am available for consultations. Enquire for details. 


I present two monthly courses in partnership with Cheeba Cannabis Academy.

The location alternates between Gauteng and the Western Cape.


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